What is the amount of public debt in Bosnia and Herzegovina? – Sarajevo Time

Public debt of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) June 30andthis year reached almost 13 billion marks. The figures are worrying and show that the state, the cantons, the municipalities, the entities and above all the Republika Srpska (RS) entity, are indebted. This is stated in the data of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiHwhich is in the possession of Anadolu Agency (AA).

« The state of public debt in BiH as of 30 Juneand2021 equals 12.822.72 million BAM, whose positioninternal debt is 9.316.11 million BAM or 72.65%, while the intthe internal debt is BA 3,506.61 millionM or 27.35% of the total public debt. Compared to December 31st last youar, public debt increased by 629.74 million BAM or 5.16%, wiyouh the external debt increases by 617.85 million BAM or 7.10%, and domestic debt of 0.34% or 11.89 million BAM this is indicated in the data of the Ministry of Finance of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What is certain is that according to data from the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH, the RS owes twice as much as the Federation of BiH (FBiH) per inhabitant.

According to data available to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH, the domestic debt of BiH as of June 30e amounted to BA 3,506.61 millionM and increased by 11.89 million BAM i.e. 0.34% compared to the situation at December 31er last year. In the total amount of internal debt as of June 30and This year, the FBiH participates with 33.90% and owes BA 1,188.54 millionM, RS with 66.06% who have a debt of BA 2,316.58 millionM, and the Brcko district of BiH with 0.04%, i.e. 1.39 million BAM

As for the external debt of BiH as of June 30andthis stood at 9.316.11 million BAMand he understood outside public debt in the amount of 8.279.50 million BAMwhat was allocated to FBosnia and Herzegovina in aamount of 5,131.34 million BAM, RS amounts to 4,071.95 million BAM, Brcko BiHo Districtwes 48.19 million BAM, and insBiH State Institutions BA 64.63 millionM

The World Bank, IDA and IBRD hold the largest share BiH’s external debt a with 29.11%, European Investment Bank with 21.84%, RS Eurobonds with 9.83%, International Monetary Fund with 9.74%, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development with 7.09% , Paris Club with 5.61%, which represents 83.22% of the total debt.

The external debt servicing from BiH in the first half of 2021 amounted to 402.48 million BAM, of which 337.06 million BAM or 83.75% related to the principal and 65.42 million BAM or 16.25% interest. In the total amount of external debtrvice of BiH, the FBiH participates with 65.70%, RS with 32.50%, while BiH and Brc institutionsThe ko district of Bosnia and Herzegovina participates with 0.92% and 0.88%, respectively. The shre of the BiH public debt in gross domestic product (GDP) is 36.01%.

In total external debt balance as of June 30and this year, on the basis of new loans, 53.69% refer to loans intended for the realization of infrastructure projects, 34.17% to loans intended for the public sector, while 12.14% were committed in economic activities.

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