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PRE-FORECLUSION NOTICE (full amount) TO: KEVIN M. CAMERON AND CAITLYN R. CAMERON 1. YOU HEREBY BE NOTIFIED that First Community Credit Union holds a mortgage on all of certain real property located in the county of Cass and the State of North Dakota, described as follows, namely: Lot One (1), Block One (1), Brooks Harbor 6th Addition and Lot Two (2), Block Six (6), Brooks Harbor 4th Addition, County of Cass which mortgage is dated September 15, 2020 and registered in the office of the County Recorder for Cass County, North Dakota on September 21, 2020 under document number 1605610. The mortgage secures a note to order for an initial amount of $54,463.00 payable in monthly installments, bearing interest at the daily rate of $5.86. 2. A default has occurred in the terms and conditions of the mortgage and the note secured by it to the extent that property taxes and special assessments have not been paid which are due for 2020 and 2021 The Mortgage provides that you will “pay all taxes and dues when due” and non-payment of taxes will be considered a default. Unpaid property taxes and specials for 2020 and 2021 are $10,257.64 and $11,641.81 on the respective lots. Attached and incorporated by reference are the declarations of Cass County with respect to the two lots which are the subject of the mortgage. By reason of the default described above, the full amount secured by the Mortgage under the authority contained therein is hereby declared due and payable. 3. YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED, pursuant to Section 32-19-28 of the North Dakota Century Code, unless, before the expiration of thirty (30) days from service of this notice , you pay First Community Credit Union the above amounts plus penalties and interest due to Cass County for such property taxes and special assessments as shown on the accompanying statements, proceedings will be commenced by First Community Credit Union , to expedite and seize the full amount of all monies secured by said mortgage. 4. The amount owing as of June 17, 2022, based on the terms and conditions of the mortgage and supporting loan documents, is fifty thousand three hundred and forty-three dollars and 30/100 (50,343.30 $) which consists of fifty thousand three hundred and twenty-five dollars and 72/100 ($50,325.72) for the unpaid principal balance and seventeen dollars and 58/100 ($17.58) for accrued interest until June 17, 2022. 5. YOU ARE FURTHER ADVISED, pursuant to Chapter 32-19 of the North Dakota Century Code, the redemption period shall be sixty (60) days after the sheriff’s sale. As of June 20, 2022. CROWLEY FLECK PLLP Plaintiff’s Attorneys, First Community Credit Union 100 West Broadway, Suite 250 Post Office Box 2798 Bismarck, North Dakota 58502-2798 Phone: 701-223-6585 [email protected] By: Gregory W. Tschider, Jr. (ID #03019) Parcel #: 02-4155-00010-000 Owner: CAITLYN CAMERON Address: 1125 LEGION LN W WEST FARGO ND 58078 Jurisdiction: West Fargo City Mortgage Company: Map View – Legal Description – Property Details Send To: CAITLYN CAMERON 1131 LEGION LN WEST FARGO ND 58078-8531 Parcel No: 02-4153-00870-000 Owner: Caitlyn Cameron Address: 1137 Legion Ln W West Fargo, ND 58078 Jurisdiction: West Fargo City (July 6, 13 & 20, 2022) 79608

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