PANJIT INTERNATIONAL: announces monetary loans in accordance with article 22 sec.1 paragraph 3 of the Regulations.


1.Date of occurrence of the event:2022/02/14
2.Funding recipient name, relationship with lender, lending limit
(thousand NTD), starting outstanding balance (thousand NTD), new loan
(thousand NTD), is it part of a scheduled allocation or revolving limit for
the same recipient that the chairman is authorized by the board of directors
to allocate, outstanding balance (thousand NTD) up to the date of
occurrence, reason for new loan (thousand NTD):
(1)Name of the company who receive the monetary loans:
(2)Relationship with lender:
  A.The monetary loan company: PANJIT INTERNATIONAL INC.
  B.The relationship with the company receive the monetary loans:
    The company is Sub-subsidiary of PANJIT INTERNATIONAL INC..
(3)Lending limit (thousand NTD): NT$3,287,136 thousand
(4)Amount of loans originally extended(thousand NTD):NT$0 thousand
(5)Amount of the current additional loans(thousand NTD): NT$396,672 thousand
(6)Whether or not the board of directors authorize the chairperson
   to give loans for the borrowing counterparty:No.
(7)Outstanding balance (thousand NTD) up to the date of occurrence:
   NT$396,672 thousand.
(8)The reason for loans as of the date of occurrence of the event:
   In response to the Economic Substance Act, the company adjust the
   structure of the Group's monetary loans, and the detail description
   please refer to "Any other matters that need to be specified"
3.For collaterals provided by the loan recipient, the content and the value
(thousand NTD):
 (2)Value(thousand NTD):NT$ 0 thousand
4.For the latest financial reports of the loan recipient, the capital
(thousand NTD) and the cumulative gains/losses(thousand NTD):
 (1)Capital(thousand NTD): NT$3,099 thousand
 (2)Accumulated profit/loss(thousand NTD):NT$114,539 thousand
5.Method of calculation of interest:According to agreed contract pay off.
6.For repayment, the condition and the date:
 (1)Condition:According to agreed contract pay off.
 (2)Date:According to agreed contract pay off.
7.The amount of monetary loans extended to others as of the date of
occurrence (thousand NTD):NTD$2,957,044 thousand
8.The total amount of monetary loans extended to others as a percentage of
the public company's net worth on the latest financial statements as of the
date of occurrence:35.98%
9.Sources of funds for the company to extend monetary loans to others:
 The company.
10.Any other matters that need to be specified:
  The reason for the loans :
    A.In order to comply with the "Guidance of Economic Substance for
      Geographically Mobile Activities" issued by the British Virgin
      Islands, simplify the group financing process and taxation planning,
      the company has made inter-group monetary loans and structural
      adjustments through the resolution of the board of directors.
      The monetary loan, changed to be loan funded by the company to
      EC SOLAR C1 SRL directly for a credit line with EUR 12.80 million
      of the above, this is the transfer of intra-group capital loans
      and quotas, not new monetary loans.
    B.The board of directors of the Company also resolved to pass the
      company's transfer of the creditor's rights for a credit line with
      EUR 12.80 million of the above group subsidiary to EC SOLAR C1 SRL.
      The chairman was authorized by Board of Directors to set
      the record date of creditor's rights transfer according to the
      actual situation and deal the related matters.
    C.However, before the company completes the transfer of creditor's
      rights, the new and old quotas will exist at the same time, resulting
      in double calculation of the quota.
    D.The schedule of the company for completing the transfer of creditor's
      rights and eliminating the double quotas calculation depends on the
      actual actual.

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