MSP, 15-day cane fee, interest-free loans among Akhilesh promises to farmers

The SP chief also earlier promised 300 units of free electricity to national households

After promising free electricity for irrigation, the Samajwadi party said on Monday it would guarantee a minimum support price (MSP) for all crops, pay sugar cane growers their dues within 15 days and would provide interest-free loans, insurance and a pension to farmers if it were Power.

The pledges, announced here by party leader Akhilesh Yadav, could end up in his official manifesto for the 2022 Assembly elections. He also earlier pledged 300 units of free electricity to domestic households.

He said his party was even willing to create a “revolving fund” to ensure sugar cane growers get their due.

“Even if we have to create a farmers’ revolving fund, we will do so so that payment to farmers does not stop.”

Along with farm manager Tajinder Virk, who was injured in the October 3 incident in Lakhimpur Kheri when a convoy of cars ran over protesting farmers, Mr Yadav engaged, with grain in hand , to defeat the BJP in the upcoming elections.

“We take this Anna Sankalp [pledge on grains] that we will defeat and eliminate the BJP which has committed atrocities and injustices against the farmers,” Mr. Virk said, supporting Mr. Yadav and calling on all farmers to defeat the BJP.

Mr Yadav also said the SP would withdraw all lawsuits against the farmers and provide ₹25 lakh aid to the family of every farmer who died in the protest against the now repealed farm bills.

SP promises to farmers ahead of the election in which western parts of the state, where farmers have staged protests and continue to grapple with issues to get cane payments on time, will vote first.

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