Loans for people with disabilities

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Nqobile Tshili, columnist
The GOVERNMENT aims to provide revolving loans to 1,000 Persons with Disabilities (PWD) across the country.

Persons with disabilities will have access to up to USD 1,000 which will be provided in local currency at the interbank rate while grants of an equivalent amount of USD 3,000 will be allocated to groups of persons with disabilities.

This is part of the broader strategy that has been adopted by the Disability Affairs Department of the Ministry of Civil Service, Labor and Welfare to promote, protect and ensure that they enjoy their rights.

The Minister of Civil Service, Labor and Social Welfare, Professor Paul Mavima, revealed this during the National Assembly’s question-and-answer session on Wednesday, saying it would solve the problems related to begging. of some disabled people on the streets.

Professor Paul Mavima

“The Ministry of Disability Affairs has procured over 300 assistive devices for people with disabilities which are evenly distributed across all 10 provinces of Zimbabwe. In addition, the Department of Disability Affairs aims to provide more than 1,000 persons with disabilities with revolving loans and special grants,” Professor Mavima said.

“Please note that persons with disabilities will receive loans in the amount of USD 1,000 equivalent to the current rate of the Zimbabwean dollar and groups of 10 persons with disabilities will receive special grants in the amount of USD 3,000 equivalent to the current rate of the dollar Zimbabwean”.

He said it was worrying that minors were being used by people with disabilities as they begged on the streets.

Professor Mavima said most people with disabilities reside in urban areas and live below the poverty line.
He said the government has since launched several social safety nets and social safety nets anchored on the National Disability Policy, National Development Strategy 1, among other legal instruments.

Professor Mavima said the government was considering placing children used by people with disabilities for begging with foster families.

He said the government would further consider offering capacity building training workshops on positive parenting skills specifically targeting parents with disabilities who beg on the streets accompanied by minors.

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