Global Brand Manufacturing: The company’s new fund loans reach NT$10 million or more and reach 2% or more of net worth, as shown in the latest financial statement.


1.Date of occurrence of the event:2022/01/14
2.Funding recipient name, relationship with lender, lending limit
(thousand NTD), starting outstanding balance (thousand NTD), new loan
(thousand NTD), is it part of a scheduled allocation or revolving limit for
the same recipient that the chairman is authorized by the board of directors
to allocate, outstanding balance (thousand NTD) up to the date of
occurrence, reason for new loan (thousand NTD):
(1)company name:ELNA PCB(M)SDN. BHD.
(2)relationship:91.67% owned subsidiary
(3)lending limit:NTD6,073,865 thousand
(4)starting outstanding balance:NTD1,803,035 thousand
(5)new loan:NTD832,170 thousand
(6)authorized by the board of directors or not:Yes
(7)outstanding balance up to the date of occurrence:NTD2,635,205 thousand
(8)reason:Operational turnover, loan repayment
3.For collaterals provided by the loan recipient, the content and the value
(thousand NTD):None
4.For the latest financial reports of the loan recipient, the capital
(thousand NTD) and the cumulative gains/losses(thousand NTD):
(1)capital:NTD2,060,787 thousand
(2)the cumulative gains/losses:NTD-2,599,372 thousand
5.Method of calculation of interest:Annual rate not exceeding 5%
6.For repayment, the condition and the date:
 Repay the loans and interests when the loan is due�F2023/01/31
7.The amount of monetary loans extended to others as of the date of
occurrence (thousand NTD):NTD7,430,052 thousand
8.The total amount of monetary loans extended to others as a percentage of
the public company��s net worth on the latest financial statements as of the
date of occurrence:48.93%
9.Sources of funds for the company to extend monetary loans to others:
Financial institutions
10.Any other matters that need to be specified:None

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