Finding a Suitable Investment

This is a question that can be significantly responsible for the subsequent return. I myself am convinced that one should take enough time in finding a suitable investment, until one has understood the principle behind it and approximately an idea of ​​how the respective return on the investment comes about.

It does not matter how long you take to search until you find a suitable investment. Also always be aware that this is your own money and thus you can determine when the money should be invested.

Allow time for investment

I do it the same way. Only when I understand a financial investment and are convinced that it could be worthwhile to invest his money, only then I invest there also Red Cross Knight.

Of course, it is a bit easier for me, because I deal with the topic of money and thus also with the financial investments every day. However, if you do not have the necessary time or do not have the incentive to deal with it in detail after work, you should not rush into it.

What to do if it has to be done quickly?

Should it really go fast, because suddenly a larger sum (bonus, premium, gift, etc.) is available and you want to invest this money. So for the beginning of a money market account may be sufficient. The daily allowance is offered free of charge by many banks and you are not bound to any maturities there, so you remain flexible and can decide later on where the money can be meaningfully invested.

On the other hand, if you make a hasty decision, because you really want to invest the money quickly and do not want to deal with it, then in hindsight, this procedure can sometimes be expensive.

How expensive will it be if the investment is not optimal?

If it turns out after a long time that the selection of the investment is not exactly optimal, then you may pay unnecessarily money for it. This can happen, for example, if you opt for a longer-term investment and for some reason would like to access the money after a certain amount of time.

For the premature resolutions, the banks can then charge fees, which are sometimes so high that they are above the previous interest income or her even paid less money than you have paid.

My own experiences: I myself am a good example of this. When I was not yet concerned with money and finance, I decided on a home savings contract, because I thought it would be a good investment. After about 2 years I needed the money deposited there and had to dissolve this Bauspar contract, of course, with losses.

What to do if the advisor is in a hurry?

Your bank or investment advice can be a useful help in finding a suitable investment. However, it is also true that you should not put yourself under pressure. There is no reason to finish at the first consultation. If you do not understand something, ask again or make another appointment.

If it is argued that the bank’s offer is only available for a very short time, then you should be alert and cautious.

Summary – How much time do you spend looking for an investment?

It’s your money and so you can take as much time as you want in the search. There is no reason for a quick financial investment. Complete an investment only if you understand the principle behind it.